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dimanche 22 mai 2011

Same old Arsenal...

6 years that i've been saying that Arsenal is one of the most enjoyable teams in the world worth watching but at the same time the most frustating one to support...

Today we ended a season full of up and downs on a low-note with a draw at Craven Cottage against Fulham (2-2) and let the third spot slip through our fingers to Man City, who are now directly qualified for the Champion's League, meanwhile, Arsenal will have to play the CL's 3rd round Qualifiers.
Add to that a 68 points tally one of the lowest of Wenger's era and you can see it's a disapointing season to quickly forget.

Who would have believed that when we were still going for quadruple back in February?
A Carling Cup final collapse and all competitions eliminations little by little extinguished our silverwares aspirations and dismantled Arsenal's mentaly weak players unity.

Now we need to forget this season and look forward to getting back to winning ways, and this step passes by buying new players that will help our young team to fulfill their potential.

These players will have to be experienced, powerful, with height and possess leadership qualities.
Just like the "Invincibles" were...

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  1. I have a friend that is an arsenal fan hehe, I don't really follow the sports myself.

  2. amazing blog

    following and supporting

  3. Really nice blog about a nice club! Keep it up! Cheers pal

  4. always nice to be informed about big teams. Nice blog.

  5. Oh I didn't knew what happened on February, but indeed they have to be prepared, thank you for sharing, have a great day! Following.