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lundi 30 mai 2011

What has Wenger learnt from Barça vs ManU final?

Wenger was commentating on french TV the champion's league final and what he may have learnt (if he didn't know already) is that despite ManU's experience, steel and efficiency, Barça are and were outrageously superiors.
In truth what made the difference is Barcelona's collective strength and individualities embodied by Messi's genius, Xavi's clever passes and Iniesta's vision, on their day they are just unstoppable.
This Barcelona team has everything and are at their peak, how long will it last? None can say but still, we have shown by beating them at the Emirates (2-1) and beating ManU too, that we have it inside to achieve the greatest things, and be right up among the bests

Question is will we do whatever it takes to go on to the next level?

6 commentaires:

  1. And did those boots of Arsenal's team
    Walk upon Highbury's turf so green?
    And did they play with great esteem
    The best football we've ever seen?


  2. Pretty inspiring stuff, cool blog, following.